Friday, September 17

Hayden's Heart

"Awwww, look at that poor old man, he is limping, he must have a hurt leg."
and from the back seat a little voice says simply "Jesus, you heal him and fix his leg..."
and then with so much sincere joy "Thank you Jesus!"

the tears well up in my eyes
with the wonder
and the awe
of this almost 4 year old
with a little heart
so connected
so understanding

lovely, just lovely....


Look past

The in between space
where I sit and I wait
where I pray
and I hope
where I see
what I know
and do not focus
on what is seen

my eyes
they deceive me
the lies
they retrieve
the flesh
from the dead
they dance
and they prance
the object
to distract me
from God's promises
and hope
His blessings
His best for me

so whisper all day
and I will tune you out
nag and betray
but I will find you out
integrity is for you
haven't you figured that out?
when you lie down your head
your heart wants to shout
wants to purge
all the things
that don't jive with the King
so your torn
inside out
left to doubt
where you stand
who you are
and especially what you are about

so choose wisely
tread softly
through this earth
it is not what it seems
more like fairies and strings
things heavenly not seen
and the other, that tangles

everything builds upon everything else
so a small choice can block
something amazing
take your blinders off
open your horizons
see all you were meant to
and look past the distractions
that were never meant
to get the best of you

keep striving toward true freedom
keep wading forward
past the illusion that binds you
past the old record that calls you
past the bait that hooks
to the promise that shook
the foundation that rises
with all the surprises
while you sit there and pray
mapping out the way
in silence
to greatness