Tuesday, January 18

perspective shift (I am so blessed!)

I crossed the street to the truck
in the back of the cab a young girl lies there
covered in a blanket
half sleeping half awake
she is homeless
her mother has died
she doesn't know her father
is she my age?
she could be
but she looks so old
so beaten down
and I ask
if I can touch her shoulder as I pray
and I immediately feel connected in our pain
in our commonalities
compassion bridges gaps
of lifestyle or circumstance
and I cry
as God gives me the words
to comfort this girl
and I walk back across the street
and acknowledge her guardian
a man with a heart of gold
who has took her in
and as I share our moment with him
we both tear up
we both understand.


Default to love

definition 2
the program will default to its own style
select automatically

default to love
when the world becomes too much
when all the rules get you tangled up
and the shoulda woulda couldas
get the best of you

default to love
when you are overwhelmed
when the going gets tough
and you try
and you try
but you just can't
MAKE yourself

default to love
when you want to hurt someone
or lash out
or get revenge
or you just wish they would disappear
or move to Guam
somewhere other than here

default to love
when you are weary
and broken
all together hopeless

default to love
because God is love
because it is the greatest of these
because it simplifies the mission
and grounds us
plants us within the plan
and again
we are rebooted


it can be
that simple
if we default to it.



You built your nest
twig by tiny twig
and you kept at it
with purpose
and a lot of it was emotional for you
putting it together
was like putting yourself together
building it
left you feeling like something was building
inside you


and you had help
from someone you loved
and trusted
who could see the nest finished too
(or so you thought)
and they seemed as excited as you did


and you lined it with bits of fluffy cotton
and you got it just how you liked it
you imagined baby birds
you saw yourself snuggled next to your love
in that same nest
for all of your days


and then one day
he flew away
or maybe he wrecked the nest
or maybe he pushed you out....
however the way....
you are dislocated
dislodged from
a place you once called home
a place you got too used to
a place you became comfortable with
for a time
lined with


and now it seems loves a crime
that happened to you
and hope eludes you
and shadows taunt you
what ifs and if onlys
make you toss and turn in the night
and you wait with


for things to turn out