Thursday, October 28

Tag Team

how divine the timing
that you are UP
when I am DOWN
and when you are DOWN
then I am UP
God's perfect timing
so we can lift each other,
chin up!

we remind the other
of our identity
and slap us out of it
in love
to walk us through it
in the word
and always speak
the truth in love

because true friendship isn't saying the easy things
but the things that will challenge us
to stay connected to God
because we know that only when we walk with Him
can true friendship


your eyes

the windows to your soul
do darken
every time you speak of her
as if you are somehow overtaken
by something other than God
and like gray clouds
passing over the moon
there is warning there
that needs heeding
my prayer
for forgiveness
that renews your heart
cheerful curtains of light
blowing in the breeze
dressing up your windows
with love


love is love hate is hate

When you love someone
you are loving yourself
then couldn't it be said
that when you hate someone
you are hating yourself?
for the self loathing you feel
is conveyed in your mean language
your demeanor that lashes out
and the hurt you inflict is not of God
you are choosing not to acknowledge Him within you
overriding what He would have you do
because you are so consumed
with YOU

Love is love
and hate is hate
which do you choose for yourself?
how powerful, to really love
and gift yourself
pay it forward
with word and deed
and consciously choose
to be good to you
and deny the flesh that says "hate!"



never meant to be
collectors of personal information
to use against
and to judge
never meant to compare
or measure against
to covet after
never meant to hurt or hinder
but to lift up and encourage
to cheer on
to cry with
to carry in your heart
inside your very chest
to love as yourself
to love as yourself
to love as yourself
be good to you


Tennis Pro

Like any sport
the more you practice
the better you get at it
and spiritually too
I think we can exercise
our relationship with God
so we hear from him more
so we can move faster
and act on what He gives us quicker

God tells us to hold each thought captive
and at first it feels like a thousand tennis balls flying at us
trying to sort out our thoughts
trying to catch one
or "return" one
but the more we try
the easier it becomes
and then we think WOW
that thought sure wasn't of God
and we pray for protection over our minds
we pray protection from the enemy
who would love to convince us
that we are weak and stupid and worthless
and we remind that guy who our Daddy is
we remind him that that same power lives within us!
and then another thought comes
and another
but it becomes easier
and we have to pray for protection less
we have more Godly thoughts
and less enemy thoughts
we are training our mind
we are spiritually AWARE now
and it becomes easier and easier
more and more effortless to recognize
who is speaking to us
who is lifting us up
who is tearing us down
and like a tennis pro
that hits the ball again and again
and again
we can "return" a destructive thought in an instant now
sweet victory
when we are hearing more clearly from God
identifying His voice
like weeding out all the background noise
no longer overwhelmed by another voice,
we can focus on the sheer skill
that comes from practice
and from knowing
our Father's voice...WELL.


Your Attic

you just packed up another box
another? really?
it is not going to fit up there
there is too much up there already
too many boxes you've avoided forever
crammed into a space that won't hold anymore
so guess you are going to have to deal
guess you are going to have to face
all those hard things you've been putting off
guess you are going to have to do the work
to sort through, and dust off
it is hard to look it all in the eye
all those hardships and mistakes
all those hurts and pains
all that rejection and loss
but what is awesome
is that you are not in it alone
what is awesome,
is that God wants to go through it with you
and He will go at your pace
and He will help you see it through
and He knows it will not be easy
and that some of it will cripple you in the moment
but you'll get through
and you'll be so much better off
for shining light into your attic
and going through the boxes
you've made to store your wounds
so you can keep the valuable lessons learned
and cleanse the spaces that keep you bruised
so you can pitch the boxes one by one
and be freed up from the "things you've done"
The lie is that He holds those over you...
the truth is that He is here to sort it through
to free you!

now let go


Atom Bomb

We were meant to love from the inside out
God says love they neighbor as thy self
to do that, we have to be able to love ourselves
and frankly most of us do not. :(

but if we could...

If we could truly live out of our identity in Christ...

it would look like an atom bomb
imploding from within
and sending a shockwave out

If we let God fill our cup
and our cup is overflowing first
then when we leave the house
and mingle with the world
we aren't needy
we aren't searching or distracted
we aren't taking & hoarding anything
or consumed with our insecurities
or distracted by our shortcomings....

we are focused on what God wants us to be focused on
we can really GIVE
we can really receive
we can really reach out
and be His hands and His feet

the shock wave is way more effective
because we are no longer in the way
of God's greatness
and there is nothing to hold back
the amazing love He has to give


Monday, October 11


When we are good to other people
we are being good to ourselves
we are ensuring that the ripple effect
that begins with us
will go out with love
we underestimate
how we effect each other
how what you choose to do
or what we do not choose to do
is not only about us

If we stay in a place
that keeps us from making ripples
(the RIGHT kind of ripples in this world)
then we will never benefit
from the amazing results
that come when we step out
and then we step up
and we give of ourselves
and love on others
and then truly feel the effects
of how we were designed to be


reaching out a hand to help someone up
hugging them through their loss
encouraging them with God's word
or just listening and praying for them

we were meant to play
not sit on the sidelines
and we were meant to believe
so that we can be empowered
through our identity in Christ
to do awesome things in the short time
we grace this earth

Do not doubt your worth
think about the movie "It's a wonderful life"
We are intricately entwined with others
in a way that we could never fully comprehend
unless, like that movie,
we could take ourselves out of it
and see what our absence would mean

I think we should use our gifts for good
and pay it forward as often as we can
the gift will boomerang and bless us too
and if we only have today....
then those interactions,
however brief
make life worthwhile
and give love meaning.