Friday, September 21

I am

I am thoughtful
I am my thinking
I am who God says I am
I am spirit
I am truth
I am light
I am love

I am patient
I am kind
I am amazing
I am feeling
I am cherished
I am purposed
I am loved
I am knowing

I am Him
He is me
and together
we will do everything.


Through you

God is everywhere
in the eyes of the passer by
in the sun
on the tip of your tongue
as you give me wisdom
in your arms when you hold me
He is in the wind
that washes across your face
on it's way to the sea
God is in you & me

He searches your heart
and it feels like longing
He calls to your spirit
and it is a sort of drawing
calling you out into light
holding you
to something more

As he turns you over in His hand
and marvels
at His awesome creation
as you marvel back
at His awesome goodness
His grace
His love

He finds countless ways
to convey His best
and despite all your wonder & doubt
and it all comes through,
right through you.



Remembering you
is peaceful
and paints a smile
across my face
Like a shadow cast by the sun
your love shadows my heart
born from feelings
that stay with me
long after you are gone
a face just inches from mine
now no longer
and reminding myself
becomes harder
yet part of you
is knit into me
is known
and loved
& your shadow
follows me.



Stand steadfast as the person God designed you to be. 
Defensiveness and boasting are born from insecurity, 
and you know who you are. 
Do not let bitterness attach to you, 
forgive in the moment, 
RIGHT THEN & hand it over to God. 
The more constant your love, 
the more you surrender to what God is doing in you AND in them, 
the more grounded you will feel in the peace of God. 
Do not provide the weapons for the fight. 
Learn to walk away. 
God will remind them who you really are...
You do not have to prove that.


Saturday, September 8

Above leading beyond

Her one sided and wounded advice is sought to confirm where you are now
to help you justify yourself and continue on the path you paved yourself
seeking advice from each other is tainted by our upbringing
by our influences both good and bad and all advice is flawed unless it checked
checked against something greater
someone greater
who's advice was written before you were born
and based upon LOVE
so that guy telling you you are going the right or wrong way...
who is he influenced by? in the moment is he checking his advice against God's?

We are a mess
A people with problems and flaws
we wrestle with control
we want to be right
we want recognition and validation even at a great cost to ourselves
we stumble around searching for fulfillment
and some days we get a false sense of it through our friends
not knowing where they are that day
not really knowing the groaning of their hearts
not knowing if their advice is coming from a grounded peaceful place
or out of suppressed anger and discontent

So the more I run to Jesus when I have problems, the better
the more I fall at HIS feet and say show me Lord, the better
the more I default to His advice and direction,
His words, His Holy Spirit..
the more I make choices that evolved out of His love
and not out of my wounds, or my friends wounds

The wide span of varied advice is never ending,
you can read something or find someone to justify your platform at all times
that doesn't make it right, or make you right for that matter
better to check the problem against God
His ways ABOVE your ways
His thoughts ABOVE your thoughts

His agenda?
His insecurities?
His need for your approval?
His wounding?
Those are human issues, ones that do not effect our God's advice
Do not effect our God's Love
He only has eyes for Love
for your BEST
and as your ultimate Father
He will not withhold even the toughest wisdom
He will not hesitate to ask something of you that you do not want to do.
He will not wait to challenge you
His goal is your best self, the self he designed you to be
He will refine you with fire
painfully prune your branches so that come next spring you blossom beyond belief
He owns the BIG PICTURE
YOUR big picture,
and He saw your beginning and He sees your end!

Why not ask the ONE who knows all of you
who knows all of your picture?
Why not run to Him first and then wait on His answer
friends there to listen, to pray with you, to comfort you....
but they were not meant to hold an arrow pointing to anything other than God.