Sunday, April 15


gossip is so unnecessary.
people will show you exactly who they are.


sunshine & swimming & innocence

Native Nudies in the pool
this time of your life
where nakedness is innocence and freedom
you are not self conscious yet
or worrying about anything
just pretending and open
so unaware that you are vulnerable to the world
but that is my job, to know that
to protect you where I can
to marvel at your natural ways and how they are second nature to you
there is so much I can learn from you
being so open and carefree and so comfy
being nudie.


break in

You are a vault I want to break into
I want to violate all of your locks
and peer into the deep recesses of your mind
see the many things you think of
but never say
shown in pictures so that I really understand
how you truly feel
because then I'd know if I should walk away
or stay.