Thursday, December 13

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Friday, December 7

Take His hand

He stands between you and sin
with an impassioned plea for you to come with Him
because He sees the threat and he knows the dark contract
that a life without Him holds
He reminds you of His promises
and beckons you once more

He understands the fear he sees in your eyes
and he knows all you've been through
knows you've been convinced by life
that you're absolutely worthless

Oh the lie
that steals from you
His precious precious child
and all He wants to do is take you from here
all you have to do is take His hand...

When wounded, hurt and robbed
a way out seems like mocking
because it couldn't possibly be true
and yet that is what God is offering to you

Instant protection
a safe harbor for your resting
a reversal of your trouble
your pain slowly dissolving
with one word spoken


rescue me
take me with you
from this place
this place I have suffered in for too long
existing without you
aimlessly tumbling around
tripping in the dark
without your awesome light.


Long After

Every good deed
every kind word
every bit of compassion and love conveyed
has a voice that keeps on singing
long after it has spoken


He is loving YOU

For always
In Love
and In Truth
with Dignity
and Integrity
and Gentleness...

He is all in
never holding back
He is not human
and you needed to hear that didn't you?
not like you
not at all

His ways much more consistent than mine
His heart purified
His intentions so driven that it makes mine look like a pale pale shadow
on the sidewalk on a hazy winter day, barely visible
He is bold and bright and beautiful
and as simple as I can be,
All that amazing Love of His
He has for me

His Love will always out do any
His arms always open to hold me
No bridge too long to reach me
No mountain too high to separate us
No way too long to find me
No chasm too deep to cross

This supernatural God
who could cross obstacle's in an instant
instead chose to climb and sweat and hurt and persevere for YOU
He took the long road
instead of the easy one
He chose to fight and tarry
because you are so worth it

It is not about proving His love
although He will do that too
but about showing you
that YOU are worth His love
worth anything hard He has to do to get to you

You are worth all of that suffering
You are worth all of those scars
and you'll never find him muttering
or doubting if you are deserving
He is not human

Love does
and doesn't count the cost
the higher the risk
the more it means
the higher the probability of failure
the more it shines through
there is NOTHING in the world and beyond
God would not do
to prove He absolutely loves you.



I wish I could see me
like you do
"beautiful" and "amazing"
I know that is what God says too
but the seed of doubt is planted too deep
and I focus on flaws
I flounder in wondering
in trying to keep
my confidence
my peace

Trying to rest in acceptance
in unconditional love
where God says you are a jewel
no matter the race you run
no matter the scars
no matter how weary
He wants me at my worst, my best
constantly pursuing me

Gods love isn't based on feelings
He doesn't change His mind
His goal is steadfast
His love is BLIND
Covered by Jesus
He sees past my mind
with all its confusion and non commitment
past my fears and loathing
past my unforgiving and my wandering

He covers me
and gathers me up into infinite arms
and calls me His own
and shakes his head at my personal scorn
at my shame and my disbelief
that He could find ME so breathtaking

My doubting to Him is insanity
My wondering just makes Him prove it more
He already knows how long it will take
to drink in the idea and accept myself
just as I am...

God of wonders
of mystery
Let your love shine in
way into me
sort it out so I can believe it too
This amazing Love
I have for you...
YOU have that for me too

Let me walk all my days
like I know it is true.