Monday, October 6


Addiction is a crazy thing
that causes suffering
that pulls you down
then holds you down
until you stop resisting

It seems like it adds
while it takes away
and by the time you realize what is going on
it is too late

you are hooked
line and sinker
you're hooked in a way
that only something drastic
will enable you to get away

It steals from you and robs you blind
and leaves you stumbling
always searching to find....

peace and balance
eluding you
always just beyond reach
and that voice that calls you back into darkness
says "it's not everything its cracked up to be"

The fight,
is a fight for all of you
the fight only you
can win
don't let just getting by be enough for you
don't let satan pin you to the mat and get the best of you
you are so much better than that