Sunday, August 26

You are Free

August 26th, 2012
God gave me a vision for Parker

He showed Parker bending down to shackle his own ankle with a big metal lock & key
with a heavy chain attached to a heavy weight
The shackle was a burden that Parker was choosing to put on himself
and then God showed me Jesus...
Lovingly bending down to unlock the shackle with His power alone,
He simply unhinged it and Parker stepped out...
but Jesus was behind where Parkers foot was so he wasn't aware of Jesus,
and then again Parker reached down to shackle himself...
and again Jesus followed him patiently, silently
unlocking the next one...

The message was that in not seeing ourselves as free
we choose to bind ourselves
but God is on a relentless, tireless and loving pursuit
to convince us otherwise
to free us completely from all the shackles we choose to put on ourselves
free us from all the things that hold us back

His yoke is light
His yoke is purposed
His yoke should not be confused with the shackles we create for ourselves
and then choose to drag around

He meant for us to be free
and He died to ensure that freedom
and He LIVES to prove it to us


Handcuffs for Good

God gave me a vision this morning at worship...
I had my hands out in front of me, palms up
and God showed me a picture of how if I put my hands closer together
it is how you put your hands out to be handcuffed.
I was puzzled by this picture and asked God to explain...

In our sin life we are literally harmful to ourselves
we make decisions that hurt ourselves and others
by allowing God to put us in handcuffs
we are willing to submit to His authority
we are trusting Him for his best

An image that would usually make me cringe and feel trapped
(being put in handcuffs) Just by picturing it being done to me,
and yet God's analogy had a completely different spin.

By fully trusting and submitting to His authority
knowing He has our best interests at heart
knowing He has every intention of removing us from a harmful situation
all the while keeping the peace, intent on justice...
we show Him we are powerless by holding our hands out,
that we won't lean on our own understanding
that we are willing to surrender.

Most of us are running
creating the chase that forces us to surrender
that MAKES us turn around
even if it is just in a jail cell for a night
but God wants us to put our hands out willingly, now
before the running
and admit we don't have it all figured out
and that we are trusting that He does.



We have to get to the GUTS of it
to be able to love
The roots are where the answer is
& you better hope it is a rock
you are building on
For how can we love another
until we first know how to love ourselves?
and how do we do that?
How do we know which way to go
if we do not default to the map?

What greater guide than Jesus Christ?
He built the land
and then gave you the tools to navigate it
He said the way isn't easy
but the GLORY of the journey is great
& the decision to go will be worth it

He is in it with you
for the long haul
In fact, He knows you have Him in you
so your success is guaranteed

You were designed to do great things
seeking after the heart of God
purposed for a cause
that you cannot even imagine the capacity of
you just have to be willing
and HE will be able


My Amazing God

Amazing God
Your mystery is my favorite thing to behold
the way you link lessons
by connecting the dots for me

The way you use people to love on me
and draw me back in to the body
and welcome me home
and tell me how much I've been missed

You intend for me to use my gifts
and even during the times that I step back
you send people to knock on my door
and then you give me the words to comfort them

The way you give me pictures
to convey encouragement to others
encouragement for myself
knowing you are in tune with me
showing me I hear Your voice

Amazing God of mine
You call me yours
and I am deeply honored
humbled by your patience and your grace

I am here to learn
to worship
to listen to your heart
as it beats in the most powerful way

You are so intent on changing the world with Your love
and I have a role to play
you want me on your team
and I am ready to play!


Saturday, August 18

Where to God??

Old school Star Wars trash compactor scene
this is where I am
walls closing in
and the slower they compress
the faster I wish they would
because over, is better than waiting to end

We have to choose every day
choose to stay
choose to stay committed to those we love
chose to go
choose to fight
choose a great attitude
choose doom and gloom
choice after choice...

If I just focus on the choices I want to scream
I feel shaky and overwhelmed
don't want the pressure of my role
making or breaking anything
and your need for me to choose faster doesn't help

Heart breaker no matter what path I choose
and it's easier to weigh and consider other hearts than my own
easier to go in and ask what I need
to think of my own this STILL the case??!

I don't want to feel like a contestant on love connection
choosing which path will lead to happiness
is it 1, 2 or tell me God
You are the great all knowing One
The One who created little me
messy messy me
who keeps trying but never knows

I don't want to be handled or coerced or manipulated God
I don't want to doubt or fear or worry that what I am choosing could be the wrong thing
I want to feel with every fiber that it is all good Lord
Help me to choose and walk in confidence
to speak forth your love and your light over my life
give me a peace and a calm with every step

You pluck me out of a raging sea and place me upon a mountain top
You sooth my heart with one look, one comforting look of acceptance
You draw me in close to you and your heartbeat becomes a rhythm that sings words
that heal and stitch up my wounds...

You are my focus
You are the answer
You are the love
My love
and I am so grateful you are mine
mine all mine (sigh) and You never end

Thank you for your unending help Lord
Your gracious, patient, forgiving, truthful and gorgeous LIGHT
that SHINES through my darkness
and envelopes it completely,


Tuesday, August 14

run girl run

A thousand million diamonds embedded in the asphalt I am running on
and they sparkle with promise 
with encouragement
A road paved with my success if I am willing to travel it
by foot

A road that leads to a new body, a renewed mind
and no matter how steep the challenge
when I am running down the other side to victory
I know it is worth every step

Stardust trapped in tar
all that potential trapped in me
emerging in the night breeze
while I wish I was running with you.