Thursday, May 17

little bit of everything

Timing isn't everything
that is just an old saying
it is as random as raining
the thing you cannot harness
only plan to capture
when you set it up just right
when it falls into place
lining up
and overlapping

A window of opportunity
brought about by a million different moves
in the same direction
over half a lifetime
even 2 people
propelled toward totally different goals
can collide in an instant

You cross over my wake
and I'll give you a ride
and as the water calms
we'll see if you are also fine
with floating with me
and looking at the sky
those clouds in your eyes
your hand in mine



Deep breath & slow deliberate steps
into a fog
eyes constantly adjusting
seeking out some object that would ground you
or remind you of what you consider home
anything familiar
but then you traded familiar for new....

An unexpected smile filled with promise
with hope of a new chapter
that regards you in a way you've never known
taking you in....
a revolving door that spits you out
each time better than before
effecting you in all the right ways
and altering the way you see

Sat on my sunglasses and crushed them
seemed an accident at the time
but the link to understanding where I am now
has shown me there was purpose in letting go of them

The new ones feel fine
new view through them
and so comfortable that I cannot feel them
perched upon my face
helping me see the new
seeing what could be
what is
and how else could that be....
unless I moved from where I was?
unless I moved...

finally able to.



Wings clipped
grew back
and you can fly now
you really can...
technically it is a capability
even if flying has become a foreign concept
a forgotten notion
even if it intimidates you
the leap involved
the risk
the faith you have to muster

You will always be vulnerable after all
whether you choose to try or not
with feet on the ground
or feet dangling in the clouds
you will always have the ability to die
the question is if you really want to live
while you are here


can't shake Him

open eyes
open heart
open mind
to receive
to see
to hear
what God is setting before you
no longer stumbling over
what you could not perceive
no longer too high up
and never looking down
to notice
to marvel
to ponder the gifts of each day
set at your feet

A wagging tail
a silent prize at your doorstep
"look what I got for you"!

Only God does not seek your approval
He just loves to give
and He will not stop
no matter what you do
if you can see it
or if you wear blinders
you can dodge
you can run
but He is consistent
He is ruthless in His pursuit of you
and in the name of love
He will not stop
your whole life long.