purposed pain

You want the gory details don't you?
you want to know the extent of the pain I endured
know how many nights I cried
how many miles I walked as I paced the floor...waiting...while wringing my hands

Only when you know all this will my story have value
If I didn't fall apart
If I held my head above water
If I survived
it only means something, counts for something
If you know I suffered

Every great triumph emerges from darkness
Only by fighting through a forest of adversity
do we make it out into the bright vast meadow
all scratched and bruised, yes
and those wounds will heal
and you will be left with a reminder in your heart
that you made it
that you endured

Life is about learning who we are
discovering how much we can take
what we are made of
we see who we choose to run to
what we succumb to
what awakens us
what drives us to the edge of madness
and what inspires us

The more we learn, the more we know
the more we can apply and the more we grow
evolve, change, blossom, morph, adapt, CHANGE, for the better
into the person God intended us to be

Now do you see the purpose of adversity?



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