Harder than it has to be
but just how you want it
you rather suffer
than climb aboard the love boat
or participate in,
the fancy dance of crazy peeps
who feast on imaginings

Your mind is skewed
thinking that in this world
it is all or nothing
but God isn't harsh
not shoving you
toward the light
He is not deranged
or vindictive
He does not revel in your pain

But He knows the price of the other road
and He allows what causes change

Change will lift the veil from your life
it will open up your eyes
to reveal to you
more than you ever dreamed
reveal the better way
the way without tale told grief & sufferings

Where you lay your head upon the tracks
& await the train
you give up hope
and grumble that God created a rotten world
to watch us suffer in

How can He show you what He sees
if you are busy rejecting Him?
closing him out?

The simple act of wearing shades
causes your pupils to dilate
you choose to put them on
you choose this world again and again
to embrace the news
& all these outrageous things people do
to build a case to prove
that wallowing in anguish is justified
an obvious right

when really,
you just haven't the strength to fight.



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