Take His hand

He stands between you and sin
with an impassioned plea for you to come with Him
because He sees the threat and he knows the dark contract
that a life without Him holds
He reminds you of His promises
and beckons you once more

He understands the fear he sees in your eyes
and he knows all you've been through
knows you've been convinced by life
that you're absolutely worthless

Oh the lie
that steals from you
His precious precious child
and all He wants to do is take you from here
all you have to do is take His hand...

When wounded, hurt and robbed
a way out seems like mocking
because it couldn't possibly be true
and yet that is what God is offering to you

Instant protection
a safe harbor for your resting
a reversal of your trouble
your pain slowly dissolving
with one word spoken


rescue me
take me with you
from this place
this place I have suffered in for too long
existing without you
aimlessly tumbling around
tripping in the dark
without your awesome light.



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