Heart of Him

I can't be your everything
I won't be
that place was set for God in your life
and those shoes are not be meant to be filled
by any other
especially not by a human
not by me for you
& not by you for me

All eggs in one basket?
and what if you trip and fall?
like betting all you have on one spin!
The stress of that!
all or nothing...
the human way

wishing we could live in that moment
while the wheel is spinning
wishing it would never stop
so we could endlessly feel anticipation
and hope in it's purest form

after all, pressure makes coal into a diamond...
but that is science baby
pressure was never meant to be applied
not to each other for love
to get your needs met

I will never fulfill that need in you
no matter how consistent I am
like answering an ad for a job
I was never qualified for
and never will be

so it will feel close, it may look similar at times
when everything is just right
but the love you and I could create on our own
pales in comparison to God's love
and the the love we could have through Him
and I want the real deal

So give it away
mail your heart to heaven
entrusted to God to direct and fulfill it
to nurture and sustain it
only when you are full of Him
will you ever be able to fully use your heart anyway...



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