Best of you

Chances squandered
opportunities lost
like potential trapped within you
bored with the waiting
wondering if it will ever be
never being able to breathe
or step outside of you to see
it's reality
it's possibility

This dream you think of everyday
but never allow to come out to play

That lurks in the shadows
of who you could be
and plays peek a boo with
all that you "should" be

Two voices war...
one wanting the best for you

The other trying to get the best OF you,
that voice is trying to waste time
to distract you
to get you to burn out

And the other, that one that wants the best
it fights for NOW
for you to take the steps now
that will open the doors of later
that will open the windows that let all the light in
that will shine all over your future

And you get to decide who wins out
you get to foster hope
or retire to sighing
you get to dig deep and push
or watch it slip away from you
from a distance

That lady that started as the secretary
20 years later she is the CEO
and her advice?
to do everything
with your everything
to give your best
no matter your title

And if she never started?
she'd have never begun
she'd have never believed
she'd have never won

Listen to me
about listening.

The voice you heed
is either getting the best of you
or evoking the best from you

And you get to decide.



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