This is how God works

I was feeling very uninspired and down. Like my flame of creativity was a mere ember...I reached out to a couple close girlfriends for prayer. I felt burnt out and like my patience wasnt there with so much reality and negativity. I prayed too.

And then God answered my prayer!

He had an old contact reach out to me to take on a new project, out of the blue! When I found out the scope of the project I feared I did not have the time to devote to it and so I was upfront and honest about wanting to be professionally responcible and not say YES and then not be able to deliver....but I was assured they would work with me. They wanted it to work with me. They wanted my creativity!

It feels like winning the lotto (as I would imagine) have God answer prayer in a specific way that breathes life into your spirit again. To so specifically bring you an opportunity you did not know existed at the time....that wakes your creativity and restores you....

And so now I need the right people to accompany me on this project of success....and I remember this muralist I worked with 10 years ago when I was at Norwalk Furniture, we both worked at the same show house together designing rooms and I loved her work, she would be brilliant for this project....what was her name God (as I am lying in bed in the dark) what was her name....and then as if written on an index card there it was. I grabbed my phone, google searched her name and found her website and screen shot it so I would remember in the morning. I called her the next day and left a message and she called back the next morning. She was wonderful and available...10 years later. It was ALL GOD.

And as time goes on with this project, after I have met with her....I am reminded of my Mom. She has the same optimism and energy my mom had. A maternal nature that draws me in. I know she gets it, that she gets me and she hardly has to say anything. Its in her sympathetic gaze and in her attention. She cares, she knows. She regards me in a very very familiar way. A way I havent been regarded in going on 18 years, and just writing about it brings tears to my eyes.  I asked her to adopt me today. Told her she reminds me of my mother.
She told me she lost her 2 children at 10 and 13....that today they would have been my age.
She did not hesitate to accept my offer.
Consider it done she said.

Do you see what I am saying people?? How amazing the quilt of Gods work is....How He finds ways to create double and tripple blessings all at once? Is this blessing about my creativity? Or is it about the financial blessing that I was needing? Is it about finding someone through this opportunity that spoke to my heart in the way my mom used to, to bring me healing concerning her loss??
Dont you see it can be ALL of it??
All at once?!!

God is not bound by the things of this world, His vision is wide open and endless, His resources reach through space and time, He is reconnecting and shifting and accomodating so that you can thrive and have a new awakening smack dab in the middle of your life! You just have to ask Him for help, step out in faith and be listening. He is always answering our call, we just have to pick up and receive Him. Oh how He loves us!!



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