Tuesday, July 14


How fleeting the short time we get to be NUDIE!
It already seems unacceptable to some at 4.
How sad to not see that little heinee, that J-Lo bootie, before me, anymore...
I won't think of it yet. Missing the beauty of perfect smooth new skin in perfect teeny parts.
How freeing it feels for them, how native, how natural.....
I will entertain the nudiness in the privacy of my home until it just seems wrong,
because life is short, and the opportunity to be Nudie is shorter.
Tee hee.


1 comment:

  1. that is so true and sad too. it makes me think of how sad i am when i think of how so many kids lose their innocence so soon. they grow up too fast. lets keep our babes little babes as long as we can.