Too Much Reality

My care bear optimism has been scattered, in some ways torn apart.
torn apart by reality...
the illusion of so much good...trampled upon by what we are all capable of.
Miss goody two shoes runs from alcohol and drugs and runs smack into divorce....
because we all have lessons to learn, reasons we need to grow and stretch ourselves....
and we all struggle from SOMETHING. My vice is my own, and yours, is yours....and maybe we will conquer what gets the better of us time and time again, but maybe we won't.
But it is the journey, right?

The destination of Heaven will not change for me, so why am I ever intimidated with falling on my face? Jesus knows what that felt like and he picked himself up again....
and that is what I will do, as I pray that this cynicism that creeps upon me from time to time, doesn't wrap me in it's vice like grip and whisper to me about all the hate in the world. The hate and the loss and the broken hearts, the death and struggling that keeps us from our very best.

HE defeated the illusion of death a long time ago.
Lord help me live in that truth, and walk out your love in my life. Help me to keep my care bear attitude to be able to encourage and love as you meant for me too. Let me be hopelessly committed to HOPE.

Weary world defied!



  1. OMG! so powerful girl. your optimism, your strength, your goody goody two shoeness is what i and so many others love and respect about you. i know you will never let this fallen world bring you down. it's like you said, Christ lived in this fallen world full of people who were doing evil things and letting him down and denying him but He didnt let that stop him. He just kept loving no matter what. one day we know he will come back to heal this fallen world and we will all be in a perfect loving world for eternity so it's all good :) love you


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