This is how God speaks to me

I went to "soak" for the first time
simply meaning I went to someones home
with some other people
and they played music
and we all rested and listened to what God had to say to us
then after we shared

this is what God said to me....

You know how you can be with someone
and be so content with them,
so understood by them,
that you do not need words?
This is where I want you to be with me.
This is the level of contentment I want you to feel and convey in your life.
No need to say anything,
and if I give you something to impart you will know.
Remember the love relationship.
Dwell on the way that I love you best.
I love you perfectly.
Come and rest with me.
Let me look into your eyes and convey my love and my understanding,
my compassion and my knowing,
all within a look.
Looking into you, and at you.
You make me happy my love!
(that part made me cry!)

I will always want to hold your hand
I will always receive your embrace
and I will always be reaching out to you.

You don't have to understand now
In time I will reveal everything to you
do not struggle & sort
This world is twisted and tangled in itself
even understanding it will not bring comfort & peace
But I bring those things
so dwell on me my child.

(I got up to go to the bathroom,
and on the wall there was a picture of an old sailing ship,
and under the the ship it said "Homeward Bound", and God used the picture to say this...)

that is what you are!
(that made me tear up too!)

(Then instead of going to sit down again, I felt like I was supposed to wander around and look at the art and photos on the wall of this woman's home. I came to a large photograph of her ancestors and it was during the Victorian Era and they were dressed so beautifully. God had me look at each of their faces, like zone in on each one of them individually and this is what He said...)

I look at each person,
just how you look at each of your own children
I am filled with Love looking at them!
I delight in them!
Everything about them is precious and special
I love them specifically for who they are,
EACH of my children.
They amaze me and they make me laugh!
I cannot imagine a life without them
cannot remember the time before they existed to me and yet,
to me they always existed and they always will!
Isn't that wonderful?!
All that love, that just one person brings to me,
and I multiply that by generations and generations!
The bad you could do will never outweigh the LOVE I have for you!

Let them see who I created you to be
throw off the weight of the world
the weight that weighs you down & limits you!
Break away from those things that stand in the way of my light shining through you!
Like taking the candle out of the lantern so you are all light
So do not put yourself into anything that hides your light
You were meant to shine!
I designed you to simply, shine.
You limit yourselves but I do not limit you.
I give you wings not so that you can preen them and show them off
I gave you wings to FLY
remember their real purpose
YOUR real purpose

(as all this came to me I wrote it down. Being quiet and waiting to hear what God wanted to say, was so amazing and sweet. I encourage you to try it. He wants to talk to you too! )



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