stop turn ask

You boil down my life
and like chicken soup in the making
the fat rises to the top
and I scoop it off
because it is obvious with You
what needs to go
and it is healthier to get rid of it right away
as son as I see it
how I wish life was really this obvious
but it is to You
you see and know things I could never know
and You go before me
one or two steps before me
constantly making a way
even if I do not acknowledge you
even if I cannot see Your work until later
how You made it all come together
for my good, for my best
no matter if I could tell that
WHEN I went through that

sometimes thing become the most clear
the farther we get away from them
we gain perspective we couldn't have had
when it was right under our nose
we are too close and you ask us to step back
but we just think you are trying to tell us what to do
we forget You are all knowing
that you designed the world
and then designed us
we forget to default to your wisdom
because we gained our "independence" long ago
and we've "got it"
that is so funny for us to assume
when really we know nothing
it is bravely foolish and unwise
and we do it anyway
caught up in the moment
not even considering You would know better
we don't even stop to seek You and ask

Ah the pride and the determination
without all the facts
without eyes or ears that can really see or hear
without a green light
or a nod
or a "go get um Tiger!"
we don't even wait
we just leap....
what are we thinking?
are we thinking at all?
and why do we not train our thinking
to default to asking You?
to pause and turn and ask....
Is it your will God?
Is it your very best?



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