Include Him

The Holy Spirit is awesome.
and hey why is it THE Holy Spirit?
It is not THE Jesus or THE God....
Anyway, I love how the Holy Spirit is right there waiting for you to acknowledge Him.
He is just hanging out, because most of the time you make Him a passenger to your life, but really
He is thinking, "Man would I love to have an adventure with her, If she would just acknowledge me,
or include me in her decisions...."
When you start to the feeling of connectedness is amazing. This whisper of a thought will give you direction, sometimes direction that seems trivial in the moment, like which errand to run first....but then when you run into an old friend and marvel at the extremely rare chance that you would have chosen to leave the house the time you did, got through traffic with no mishaps, not make any detours that would have swerved you off of that path....
It is like He is confirming, PROVING to you, He is in that, that there is no coincidence.
It gets even better when a "divine appointment" with someone includes you speaking life into them,
words you know are not from you because they just flow.
This is the stuff God is made of.
An adventure to be had, that is waiting for you, and the instant you acknowledge it,
it begins to unfold.



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