relating to your pain, my love

There was a time
when I was the first person you wanted to tell
to share your everything with
where we meshed together
as one
couldn't tell where you ended
and I had begun

and now you hide
now you run
look me in the eyes
and I come undone
to see the vacant expression
where love once was abound

it consumes me
the absence of you
in a room where your body sits
and spends time with me but for a moment
before you move past me again

and shift your eyes
searching for peace anywhere but here
and distracted,
courted by an artificial high
your heart stolen from me
how can I compete?

It fills the place
the absence of who you were to my life
a life once was so full of us
and you might as well be sailing away
forever bidding me goodbye
like your actions do every day...



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