Handcuffs for Good

God gave me a vision this morning at worship...
I had my hands out in front of me, palms up
and God showed me a picture of how if I put my hands closer together
it is how you put your hands out to be handcuffed.
I was puzzled by this picture and asked God to explain...

In our sin life we are literally harmful to ourselves
we make decisions that hurt ourselves and others
by allowing God to put us in handcuffs
we are willing to submit to His authority
we are trusting Him for his best

An image that would usually make me cringe and feel trapped
(being put in handcuffs) Just by picturing it being done to me,
and yet God's analogy had a completely different spin.

By fully trusting and submitting to His authority
knowing He has our best interests at heart
knowing He has every intention of removing us from a harmful situation
all the while keeping the peace, intent on justice...
we show Him we are powerless by holding our hands out,
that we won't lean on our own understanding
that we are willing to surrender.

Most of us are running
creating the chase that forces us to surrender
that MAKES us turn around
even if it is just in a jail cell for a night
but God wants us to put our hands out willingly, now
before the running
and admit we don't have it all figured out
and that we are trusting that He does.



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