corner of my heart

I stand in the corner of my heart
and I asses the damage from there
the losses
the gains
and the countless fluctuations
and I wonder at the scars
I am amazed at it's size
I am sure you can see the tears in my eyes

I own my heart
but I rarely go in
and wonder at it
but I fail to treat it like an old friend
sometimes I even avoid it completely
and throw caution to the wind
better to chance the break
than never really live....


Risking the condition of my own heart
doesn't rattle me as much as risking yours
I step forward and enter in and it is as if I expose you
open your chest up and pour my love right in
and love does take prisoners
it will lock you right up
until your filled from it
or it begins to cause fractures...

so at first
an individual decision
and then a mutual leap
an investment of time and mileage
of energy and so much love

to regret what you take away from what we had
is to deny the love that truly WAS
is to say it wasn't worth it to you
how do we ever know unless we try?
until we decide to try and fly?

and even when we project the very best
that love can spill & seep through cracks
cracks that will be sown up with time
and sown up with love to come
from forgiveness
if you choose to allow it
did I already say with time?


& hopeful
heart of mine
how it wants to get it right....



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