NEW magnifies OLD

Drawn beyond logic
toward the sun
where I have been burned before
where I was blinded by love
and now
a pain induced reality
has executed and replaced
the dreaming side of me
that side that fantasized about an ordinary life
where nothing tragic happened
and a family honored each other in love
my deluded thinking,
assuming a simple dream
would not attract devastation

My life is a tattered quilt
each patch a beautiful section of color
full of hope
but slashed with time
torn by people pulling their own way
or leaving this earth all together
why am I being left behind in too many ways?
patching my quilt
picking up the pieces
and making something new
from my broken dreams
and my shattered past

But new just magnifies the old
and my head says one thing
and my heart argues
you can make anything look good
dress it up
but there is nothing like the natural beauty of things
the raw unrealistic yearnings of your heart
drawing you back into the sun
where the familiar burning makes you shake with fear
where you will catch afire for sure

or will you?



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