S & J

You are not made of clay
I can not shape you into someone else
I can not tweak you
or alter you in some big way
I cannot force you
or even encourage you it seems
to be the version of you
that would be better for me
so I am letting go
I am accepting you for YOU
I am downplaying the negative
I am turning up the positive
I am highlighting your attributes
and dwelling on the times
and ways
you were too good to be true

You are who you are
and I cannot mold you into anyone else
and I do not want to
I just don't want you to hurt me
I won't let you

You are God's
He created you
so I will defer to Him
and when we differ
I will hand you over
I will ask Him to come in
to every situation
where we clash and we don't agree
and I will ask him to speak right to you
right to me

Ask him to soften hearts
and give us His eyes to love
His heart of patience
of compassion
all gifts from above
and I will trust that He is working
all things to our good
no matter what they seem to me
at that time
no matter what I think you should
have said or should have done

God knows you best
He knows me best
and He can do anything
with anything
make something
out of nothing
take our relationship
and cause waves
to become glassy calm water
He can renew our relationship
again and again
until the arguments are few and far between
and more so
we regard each other in love
I see you for you
you see me for me
and He transforms us
into what He meant for us to be
mother & daughter



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