How touching
your trusting
me enough to
come knock on my door
and burst into tears
fall into my open arms
for comfort

How touching
as if exposing your underbelly
your vulnerability
and trusting me
with all of you

I don't take it lightly
being here for you
a high point
of my every day

The raw stuff
is the guts of it
to not edit your life
show the truth of it

It is what makes our friendship real
it's what makes you YOU
and me ME
and I rather let my hair down
and really know you
then fake it
and save face
for the sake of it

I value our approach
the candid reality
of how we choose to be
no airbrushing
or special lighting
we are what we get
we get what we are

You understand me sometimes
better than I understand myself
you teach me
you warn me
you encourage me
you love me

I truly think God gives us friends
to balance out the holes that occur
in life
in family
He knew before
He created our lives
that we'd need that help

Someone who truly understands
someone who will sincerely pray for us
with us
and lift us up
to cheer us on
to wave from the stands
and declare that they are
our number one fan

I am that to you
you are that to me
and I will forever be grateful
that God wove your life
together with mine
that He meant for us
to be
in each others lives
so significantly



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