The kind of saving that doesnt pay

There is a kind of saving up
that will never pay out

Like the hoarding of metal

Hours of collecting
until it is a big ugly rusty heap
and you'll go to cash in the whole lot
and it wont be worth one hours work
let alone all that space you gave up
and the eyesore it created to keep it

So why do you do it?
and keep justifing that it was free?
when the time you invested into it
doesnt justify your energy?

Like a bad relationship
that subtracts and takes away over time
there is less and less of you
able to give
because you spent all that time

Putting up with lesser than
will drain you of what you are able to give
will rob you of time that could be spent
building an empire of good
able to benefit a multitude

Fine tune and prioritize,
clean house and sweep it out
discover treasure you did not even know you had
while keeping only what creates delight 

Use your time wisely,
for it is fleeting

No messes and drama ,
for they steal precious moments
that become far too few

Take my hand and begin a work
that pays you back my friend,
I fine investment that pays
in the end.



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