fairytale divorces

It would have been really helpful if some of the fairy tales I heard as a kid ended in divorce.
Because happily ever after....which to be truthful, sounds so simple and blissful,
is just laughable now that I am all grown up and can appreciate those words for what they
really mean!
I am not a cynic....
I could never fully condescend what still dwells in my heart.
( Once a dreamer always a dreamer, thanks in part to all those unrealistic fairytale endings! )

So really, what if Snow White divorced the Prince two years later and maybe she remarried one of the dwarfs? Too short? They domesticated her though and they love to dance, and they seem really attentive, appreciative, and adoring! Come on! Does height really matter? Ha ha....

What I am getting at, is that it would have been helpful to see some relationship problems, some bickering even....maybe she wanted to take a walk that day....and she asks the prince in a snotty tone why they always have to ride his horse?
See!! Princesses don't even use snotty tones! They are always polite and proper and so self-controlled!

SO we get these messages, that these gorgeous sweet role models not only behave impeccably, but also that they end up with the beautiful flawless life...
Let's just say it is a lot to live up to and I would love to see a remake of Snow White where she awakes in the wood after the kiss all disheveled and rumpled with her mascara all smeared!

So when I read these fairy tales to my 4 year old I secretly cringe. Am I setting her up to be a hopeless dreamer too? Will that make the realities of life seem that much louder and more uncomfortable, too harsh as she learns hard lessons?

Some things don't have to make sense.
And we have to have dreams....
even if they are unrealistic and even.....
if they end in divorce.



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