YOU...are amazing

Seeking instead of relishing
relishing in the NOW, in what now has to offer you...
wasting the day remembering or looking so far ahead, that you trip
and fall, on your face, in the mud!
Ah to be content, in myself TODAY!
to accept the ME God created me to be!
Why do I have to remind myself so often??

Isn't it so amazing to think of how many sperm were in that one shot...(OK gross maybe if you think too long on it and recognize that that was the very beginning of your existence) but REALLY, out of all those sperm, YOU were the one that made it! Or half of you was...the other half of you resided in the egg, but let's not get distracted by a tangent of specifics! Let's focus on the MIRACLE!!

So you made it! You beat the odds! What was it, 20,000 to One? (Do I have to google the answer and get an exact average #, because I am too immature for will just send me back to sex ed class, and to how HILARIOUS it was for me. I am so immature....)
So you won the lottery of LIFE, OK?! Let's not take this so lightly....
and on top of THAT, you were designed by God to be EXACTLY who you ARE. How awesome is that?! Just dwell on that!

So when you are sitting there picking at yourself, at what you ARE NOT, at how you are LACKING, at how you'd be so much better if you could just master your flaws....
PLEASE remember how exceptional you are, in just EXISTING!
Give yourself a break and realize how amazing and beautiful you are, how PERFECT you are in your imperfectness, and then relax...

.....because God is going to do great things with your significant, perfect yet imperfect life with all it's exceptional timing and chaos....You beat the odds in the beginning, and you will keep on beating them just in LIVING!

Just LET yourself live and begin to LOVE yourself,



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