Same story different eyes

Isn't it weird how two people can take something in....the exact same circumstance...and come out of it with something completely different? That is a little scary to me actually. It goes back to how there can be very few guarantees in my mind because of how diverse and ever changing we are, because there is such a huge range of how we take things in and process them.

Something that comforts me could be nails on a blackboard to you!

Something I perceive as a blessing, could be nothing to you. You look right past it.

How I love, and at the same time, am horrified at how diverse, and how separate we are!
It makes sense that we gravitate toward the people who agree with our view of the world. It makes sense that we would sneer and glance skeptically toward the people that choose such a different path than our own. It really causes us to live in our own little bubble of a world though, no matter what we are willing to admit to ourselves. We want to feel like we are insanely open-minded and can debate about anything, and maybe we can, but we will always be drawn back to what is comfortable to us, what does not rock our world's too much. We will always stick to what we really can grasp for ourselves in our own bubbles, where it is comfortable.



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