Small leads to Big

Little choices
lead to big ones
it is easier to keep up with
if you start off small
consistency with the small choices
makes it second nature
a part of you
choices are powerful
they become you
they broadcast what you're about
where you are going
what you are doing
what you are ABOUT
to do
the small ones
make the big ones easier
because you created a pattern
that has a life of it's own once started
don't compromise yourself
by justifying the small choices
they become the big ones
in a snap
don't give in to what is easiest either
that isn't the sort of gratification
that lasts
any value born in you
blooms from habits formed by you
and habits are formed by small choices
and small leads to big
and then big back to small
until you know who you are
and so does everyone else
your consistency
even your inconsistency
tell them
big or small



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