It is so awesome lately how God has sent me signs, like love postcards to let me know he loves me! I mean LITERALLY...recently I had an appointment where two very exceptional women anointed with The Holy Spirit prayed for one point one of them said, "I keep getting this message from God for you, but I am not a good singer, God is wanting me to sing the song "You are so beautiful to me"to you. She sang it out all self conscious and I just thought how sweet a message that was.

About 2 days later I was in the car driving home and I usually keep it on 88.1, but for some reason I was scanning through a few other stations, and I came across 96.1 where Dililah was taking dedications....This guy was going on about his personal struggle with his wife that wanted to divorce him, and I got sucked in. By the time it came time for his song that he wanted to dedicate, I was pulled into the driveway ready to get out of the car, but still too curious to see what song he would thing I know "You are so beautiful to me..." belts out of the Stereo!! I got chills all over my arms! It was as if God just dedicated it to ME!

AND THEN>>>>yesterday my Auntie Rah~Rah commented on a poem I posted on FACEBOOK and in her caption it read :

"You are soooooooooo are soooo me....Enough of singing...I love my niece with the BIG heart."

She lives in Tennessee and we don't get to talk to often, SHE COULDN'T HAVE KNOWN!
Is this amazing or what??! Isn't it awesome how God sends loving messages to us, and then even confirms them through random loved ones across the miles??! When I called my Aunt to tell her the significance of what she wrote, she said the song just came to her, she just stated singing it in her mind...and she wasn't even sure if I would know the song, but decided to write it out anyway!!!

God is so good! So awesome! I am so excited to be hearing His voice more clearly now and even hearing from him in so many different ways lately! I am so blessed to know your voice Lord!! Thank you for the Love Song you sent, it touched my heart, and confirming it in 2 ways was so touching because you showed me it was straight from you, that you meant it for me! SO COOL!



  1. I love, love this story. I think so many people, me included, totally miss some of God's messages. We have to be open to them and aware and accepting of them. God is sending us great things all the time we just need to take the time to notice them and appreciate them. love you girlfren


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