Check it

I have designer luggage
you notice it with envy
and through my designer shades
I notice you noticing
it is what I counted on
you really think I got it going on
and I bought that thought
or I mean I am paying it off....
like the luggage

If I distract you with the outside of things
maybe you will be satisfied enough
to not want to look within
I am more comfortable with that
so don't try

because packed inside
I neatly folded my bitterness
next to my unforgiveness
and next to that, my resentment
it is strategically placed next to my rejection
as to not make wrinkles
and with my toothbrush
my contempt
and tucked into a deep side pocket
my broken heart

to the x-ray scanner these things look like clothing
but to me they are as weapons 
and my only aim, is to conceal them

but this still small voice says almost inaudibly
to "check it"
and as I heed it
and do it
I instantly know I will not need the claim ticket
I won't be picking it back up again



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