Not how you think...

most of our lives
we spend emotionally alone
feeling alone
(whether we are alone or not)
yearning for more
for a connection
that never seems to come
we look out
instead of in
to find meaning
anything that will fill this void
this blank place
that hates being empty
and aches for fulfillment
that cries out
in the neediest voice
until we realize
until God rushes in
and rewrites our patterns
and renews our minds

and suddenly

the same scene is transformed
into something else
and you become your own best friend
you learn what you love
you feel connected
to your purpose in a way
you could have never imagined
not before
but thankfully, now
even though you are still
you are never
now, a fullness in your heart that pushes out
that consumes you
your smile
in the middle of nowhere
for no one but you
because you do not need a person to validate being
you love being you
you love being
you love you
and someone else
could only add to all that



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