Get cozy

Come get cozy
just BE with me
where holding me
is your only distraction
and your time
is an offering

where you kiss the top of my head
and tell me you love me
where you hold my little hand
and ponder a time
when I was littler

your time holding me
means more
than all the things you could accomplish
in that same amount of time
without me

and even though I do not even know all you do for me
it is not about me appreciating any of those things
it is what I process in my heart
what I feel about my childhood
and what I come to know, to learn

and what better thing to know
then the confines of your hugs
your arms around me
and the comfort of them?

there will come a time
where I will not even fit into your lap
and I will not invite you quite like this
a time where our closeness
will be something completely different

and so for now...
hold me
"get cozy"
my Mommy



  1. Beautifullll......and don't stop as they(we)grow...I so often need to be reminded of this....


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