Love wins

I used to think there were so many certain things
that with the right amount of love
or with enough of this
or the right amount of that
and with promises
and with hugs and kisses
things were sealed
a done deal
but it isn't so
I am finding out that the world is ever changing
that there are more uncertainties than I ever could have imagined
that there are more uncertainties, than certainties even
that that what I thought my life would be like
and what it actually is
are two very different things
but I won't let myself become cynical
I won't choose to be bitter or closed about that...
besides just because it is not what I thought
doesn't mean it isn't it's own kind of beautiful

I may not ever know what is around the corner,
but I choose not to live in fear of that
but take each day as it comes and remember that love wins,
God will work it all to good....
and love always wins in the end



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