Saturday, April 30

Amish man, Modern life

The Amish Man
was built for earlier days
made to get up
with the morning rays
made to lie down with the setting sun...

thrust into a modern world
that makes him cling to his pillow
curse at the sun
stay up too late
after the working is done
surfing the net
& calling his hon

He's whacked out and tired
ancient but wired
burnt out and lifeless mentally
when it used to always be physically
he feels the contrast in his bones
as he lives out the modern
but dreams of home

The simpler life
with quiet and a breeze
a field to harvest,
an orchard of apple trees

No technology distractions there
to age him extra
no routine to stick to
he's at the mercy of the weather

Here he is
cooped up
and unexcited
this modern life holds him back and...

the countryside
is calling
where his future lies


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