emotional boxing ring

He's got you on the ropes
sweat dripping into your eye
a slow mo' blow to the side of your face
as you let out a wretched cry

Your face, really your heart
bleeding when tore open
and when he nails you in the kidneys,
it's really your self~esteem he is attacking
your crushed nose,
really your crushed hopes

Yes sir, he's got you on the ropes
an emotional boxing ring
where you feel like you are losing
where there seems more giving
and at the same time more taking
than one can really stand

You gotta fight him!
don't lay into the corner
don't sink onto the floor
rise up and meet him
duck and cover
swing some more!

There will always be a ding
as the round affords you a resting
where encouragement will be shouted
as your wounds are dabbed
your strength,
do not doubt it!

No matter how some will attack you
no matter what words come flying at you
no matter how intense the impact
you are equipped with all that you need
you are given the stealth to rise above
to get in the jab that silences the beating
you know the truth
you know the way
step out of the boxing ring
he has no power today



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