Have confidence in what you know to be true
in who you are
and what you are about
do right by them
by you
and then let go of it

Like letting go of a balloon
that you may never see again
because chances are even if you do see it again
it won't be in the same shape you recognize
and if you are meant to see it again,
you will
I promise you

And...everything that comes together for your good
doesn't need YOU to have that happen
sometimes you can even get in the way of your own best

walk in confidence
sometimes time has a way of untangling the truth for you
and distance becomes a breather
a space created
a distance that is needed
to be able to see anything clearly
with clarity

do not fret or worry
do not doubt yourself
or your decisions
but trust God for them
in them
through them

and in a way you couldn't have imagined
or constructed on your own
He will divinely weave together the circumstances
to show you
you are cared for
you are taken care of

Circumstances and beautiful people
that prove He is alive and working
and never sleeping
on the job

Constantly weaving the good of your life
into something living and breathing
forever changing and growing
an amazing life....
a work of art!

Now let it go
to really live



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