Believe to Receive

In the scripture Mark 11:24 NKJV where God says,

Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them”

I think we take that in and expect something physical.
We expect to get something tangible in the process, but I think God is bigger than that.
He doesn't think like we do.

He knows that transforming our mind is more powerful than winning the lotto.
Spiritual riches outweigh physical riches so much so,
that if we knew just how much,
we would only seek to gather the spiritual ones.
But gaining those spiritual riches are not always comfortable for us in the physical sense, so we instead seek the things of this world that DO comfort us.....comfort for our bodies, and for our minds.....because even if it is just for a short time, that seems like an oasis to us in our complicated drama filled lives.

It goes back to what control we FEEL that we have, and wanting to grasp onto that for dear life.
The irony of that is that if we embraced what God wanted to take us through,
no matter how uncomfortable that is physically,
we would be transforming our minds,
and in that transformation,
we would gain an inner peace that would surpass any momentary physical pleasure we could ever experience
and further more...
it is a gift that keeps on giving, a permanent altering of our inner core that God will build upon to bring us closer and closer to PEACE!
peace that surpasses understanding
peacefulness in that we will not walk in worry or fear
or make choices out of insecurity or defensiveness
or envy or hoard or steal
the more peace
the more you can operate out of the gifts that were clearly given to you
so that you can be the blessing
the obvious messenger
that shines with love and hope
that encourages and lifts up
another in need
another hurting or lost
or tangled up in a way
that help is necessary
you were purposed at this time
in this place
to be the hands and the feet
for the one who saves
a willing vessel
with a specific gift for reaching that certain person
in a certain place
and no one could say it the way you will say it
no one can relate the way you can relate
going through what you have
enduring what you've endured
surviving what you have survived
you understand in a way
that someone else could not
and in that moment of relating
your struggle is purposed
your pain is not all loss
God took you through
and when you came out of it on the other side
He handed you a testimony
and your story of survival
becomes a message of hope
a silver lining you can actually testify to
a tone of voice that convinces with it's belief
having walked through it personally
and having survived
and in knowing
the comfort of God during
that it is pure victory!



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