Figurative Leap

Like stepping out onto a ledge
no rope to tie me to where I was
no ceiling to hold me in
Like stepping away from the past
where I stayed
because it was what I knew
Because to step away like this
would have felt scary then
but now, it is scary
yet time waited until I was numb about it too
numb in a way that I can be objective
where I am not bound
or joined
where leaping is less of a risk
I have already lost so much
on this ledge I dare not look back
lest I loose my balance
and yet the world is open
out before me
all around me
with possibility
where fear cannot rule
where chance is erased by peace and knowing
where my choices become crystal clear
I am aware of everything
even too much so
and I scale back and pull a scarf around my neck
a barrier between what was and what is
I am aware
I am alive
neither wanting or regretting
only standing, facing, wondering, waiting
but knowing deep within me
that even if God asks me to jump
He's got me



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