I gather people into my boat
I feel understood by them
or think that I understand them
and I adopt them into my healthy surroundings
where I am spurred on
lifted up
to be the woman God meant for me to be

Select the few that will see you through
that will stand with you when the going gets tough
that won't let you quit
but also tell you when to let go
people who will let you cry
and then tell you it is OK to cry
and then remind you that there is a time for mourning
but a time for rejoicing too
and that is what you have to look forward to

People who speak life and hope
people who behold you in love
and know you
know your patterns and your funks
and know when to stay & know when to go
who pray for you
whether they tell you or not
and always want the very best for you
who give you a leg up
when you don't feel you have one to stand on anymore

Less like friends
more like family
and so we'll call them "friendlies"
sometimes even closer than your real family
a support system close to you
in proximity,
but also in heart



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