dream on

Longer deeper wider
the road I'm on
this time
this dawn
this paper moon that teases me
this illumination
I cannot see
this other chapter
where it gets exciting
this amazing book
I can't stop writing

This wonder never satisfied
these arms filled and holding
someone warm,
a love inviting
never biting
never a cold that stings
that takes away
a night that quickly extinguishes day
merciful of only me
so I don't have to face it
even for a night
so I can sleep

Don't wake it
this sorrowful song within my soul
playing on in my dreams
don't shake it
these trees about to give in to fall
the moment where they lose it all
the music swells and violins rise
to convey the extent of the loss...the lie
to stay here
is to be in too deep
treading and tiring
the time is steep
with pressure, decisions will be made
all is altered but I am not dismayed
change is surreal and can be changed in a whim
dream on
the chime will sound in the end

where time draws you on
where you may not know anything
but you feel everything
and your apprehension is kept at bay
and your heart risks all to say it
and you act on things you wouldn't
you seize the moment
even knowing you couldn't
if you weren't here
in this surreal state
for a set time
on a certain date
it is as much your reality
as you want to give gravity
no matter how imaginative
or serene
or other worldly...

....and I hold you tightly
knowing if I believe it enough
I will wake up with you in my arms.



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