right back atcha

Life is like a boomerang
I am sure it is the way God designed it
so that what you put out
is what flings right back
life gives to the giver
it takes from the taker
and not necessarily in the way we expect either

you might be fine with your riches
but be lacking in your emotional wealth
and I have come to find
that one helps you live in your mind
and the other just provides covers

how's "your way" workin out for ya?
is it getting old...the same old same old?
the predictable pain
the familiar disappointment
the broken record that only provides band aids of pleasure
the cheap kind of band-aid
that wears off in hours
and you are always searching for a new box
you go through them so fast....

how's that working for you
holding everyone to such high standards
everyone but you...
sending out vibes of unforgiveness
towards the ones you need it from most...
not recognizing all the amazing things God presents to you
because you are too focused on you...
but never arriving
but never reaching
but never seeing
We have this amazing choice to not look
this freedom that we can abuse
but it is like someone giving you a set of wings
and you tear it apart to detail your car
you don't even get it
don't you want to get it?

God says seek and you will find
simply knock at the door
and it will be flung open to you!
Man it is so eeeaaaaasssssssy
even faith only needs to be the size of a mustard seed
God wants you to succeed
He designed it to be effortless
but it has to start in your mind
once it comes together it IS effortless
but you have to take the first step
He is not the kind of God that will do it for you
He won't even grab your legs and push you
it has to be all you
and you only have to muster up ONE STEP
and when you begin
you have arrived
when you reach out
he reaches back
What you put out
is what you get back
so what are you investing in?
what kind of legacy are you intending to leave?
redeem your story with that first step
choose tomorrow TODAY
by choosing the road less traveled by
it is the road flaming with glory
a road that gives to you more and more
the farther you go down it
the more you choose to make it your own
be sure of the path
and of who you are
and God will consume your life
until you do not recognize it
and the person who faces the most heart wrenching tragedy
will have learned to see it as opportunity
will have insight and understanding
that will not enable the dark to snuff out that light
and then giving will be effortless
and then life will just seem to give back
but you will know better
you will know it is all God
and that it started with your one step
with looking around you and being present in today
not looking back and getting lost in yesterday
not dwelling on regrets or shameful shortcomings
do not get lost in the wilderness of what was
the trees all look the same
and you'll spend a lifetime
trying to make your way out of a maze.

~ C


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